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Is SEO Important for Cannabis Dispensary Marketing? (Hint, It Is) 

SEO is too often shrouded in mystery and expense, but it’s still essential for marketing your cannabis dispensary. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is mysterious. Area 51 mysterious. And marijuana businesses are often swindled by dispensary SEO “professionals.” 

Slippery smooth-talkers are preying on innocent business owners, with the skills of greasily coiffed car salesmen. Unfortunately, SEO is only getting more complicated, opening the door to increased deception. 
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Johnathan McFarlane on Marketing Upheaval to discuss Cannabis Marketing Tactics

We are big podcast listeners here at Hybrid! That's why we were excited when our strategist Johnathan McFarlane was a guest on the Marketing Upheaval podcast. He spoke with host Rudy Hernandez about cannabis marketing tactics and why we find it such an exciting space for marketers.
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