Amphibian Tech

Amphibian Tech Logo Development

Amphibian provides critical, innovative solutions to domestic and international farmers. We’ve developed cutting-edge, in-field hemp extraction technology that minimizes risk and saves money pursuing an optimized raw, crude oil.


Remedy Logo Seal

Remedy’s roots in the community run deep. We’re Maryland’s largest medical cannabis dispensary, carrying on a family tradition of holistic wellness. We love the community and our patients. And we love cannabis. Our founders were raised here, and our families are here, so we built a community hub for cannabis consumers.

Timber Cannabis Co.

Timber Cannabis Co - Branded Logo

Timber Cannabis Co. was founded in 2020 to bring quality cannabis to Michigan consumers. Timber Cannabis is a community-focused business guided by midwestern values and a commitment to giving back.


Botani Brand Hero

Botani was born at the intersection of 400 years of wisdom in the paper industry and a thirst for innovating the future of the cannabis industry. Botani makes premium hemp and natural botanical paper products.