Rebranding is like a snake shedding its skin, dropping the old look for a fresher, brighter, better identity. It should be a standard, routine activity for all businesses, but rebrands need to occur more frequently in the cannabis industry. That’s because of the industry itself; the geographic market, products, trends, and personas change more often than in any other industry.

A dispensary in a newly-legalized market has drastically different visual identity needs than a dispensary operating in a mature market. And as markets transition from illegal to legal recreational and medical cannabis, existing dispensary brands also need to transition.

"We knew recreational cannabis would be legal soon in New Mexico, and we wanted to get ahead of the legislation. We brought Hybrid on to help us rebuild the Everest identity to improve our connection to customers in this new, more competitive environment. The results were better than we ever imagined!" - Jefferson T. Director of Marketing, Everest Cannabis Supply

Rebranding doesn’t necessarily mean an entirely new look; sometimes it’s more subtle. If you’re concerned about losing the brand value you’ve worked hard to earn, a brand refresh might be the better choice.

Regardless of whether your brand needs a shiny new identity or a refresh, we’ve got your back. Rebrands and refreshes are fun, but you need the right cannabis marketing agency to give your brand a facelift successfully.

No cannabis marketing agency is better equipped to help you shed your skin than Hybrid.

Your Rebranding Expert:

Matt Gillespie

Matt is our Creative Director. He has expert eyes and ears, making him the perfect creative lead to transform your existing cannabis brand. Matt has been the essential creative for many cannabis rebranding projects, and the results are always positive.