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3 Powerful Differentiators for your Cannabis Business

Whether you’re a cannabis dispensary owner, a processor, or a grower, the question you must constantly ask yourself is “why would somebody purchase my products over my competitors?” Be honest with yourself. If you can’t answer clearly, consumers won’t be able to either. That’s why differentiating your business from competitors is so critical. When a cannabis market develops and becomes saturated, (I'm looking at you Oregon), standing out from the pack is the difference between success and failure. Here’s three powerful differentiators for your cannabis business.

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Is SEO Important for Cannabis Dispensary Marketing? (Hint, It Is) 

SEO is too often shrouded in mystery and expense, but it’s still essential for marketing your cannabis dispensary. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is mysterious. Area 51 mysterious. And marijuana businesses are often swindled by dispensary SEO “professionals.” 

Slippery smooth-talkers are preying on innocent business owners, with the skills of greasily coiffed car salesmen. Unfortunately, SEO is only getting more complicated, opening the door to increased deception. 
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Johnathan McFarlane on Marketing Upheaval to discuss Cannabis Marketing Tactics

We are big podcast listeners here at Hybrid! That's why we were excited when our strategist Johnathan McFarlane was a guest on the Marketing Upheaval podcast. He spoke with host Rudy Hernandez about cannabis marketing tactics and why we find it such an exciting space for marketers.
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A How-To Guide to Marketing Cannabis Edibles Online

Like any new industry, the early years of legal cannabis were fast-moving and exciting. And as the industry matures, we’re getting a clearer picture of products poised to drive future growth, and cannabis edibles are the front runner. 

From infused beverages and dark chocolates to gummies and mints, edibles are arguably the most diverse and attractive cannabis product category for businesses and consumers. And with COVID-19 and the vape crisis limiting consumer attraction to inhaled marijuana products, we expect to see edibles surge in popularity this year. 

But the methods of effectively marketing cannabis edibles online are different than other product categories, and some risks could limit growth for edibles-focused businesses, from regulatory compliance to increasing competition and consumer concerns.  

Here’s how to use digital marketing to bring awareness to your cannabis edibles brand or dispensary. 
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The Best Cannabis Marketing Agencies

Colorado kicked-off the trend of legal cannabis in 2012, and as of this writing, fourteen states and territories are selling legal weed to happy consumers.  With the 2020 presidential election in view, we’re perched on the precipice of federal cannabis legalization (fingers crossed), and an undetermined number of new cannabis businesses are waiting in the wings.

“Arcview projects the legal marijuana market will hit $20.6 billion in revenue by 2020, up from $5.4 billion in 2015. That’s more than what American’s spent on chocolate last year and nearly double what the US porn industry rakes in annually. In other words, that’s an insane amount of weed.”—Business Insider

With more cannabis businesses, comes a greater need for specialized cannabis marketing.
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A How-To Guide to Dispensary Marketing

An almost step-by-step guide to digital marketing success for cannabis dispensaries.

After years of campaigns, experiments, tests, hard work, and trial and error, we’ve developed a winning approach to driving dispensary success. And despite the apparent challenges (and what you’ve heard), digital marketing is a valuable tool in your cannabis dispensary marketing toolkit. 

Why digital marketing for cannabis?

In contrast to radio, television, and print, digital marketing allows cannabis businesses (and marketers) to view data in real-time, and measure ROI for every digital marketing channel. For example, you can see how many people visit your website and get live notifications and reports on how customers 
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Protecting your Cannabis Dispensary during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, cannabis dispensaries across the US are posting record sales numbers. Many people are stocking up on what they consider to be the essentials. While we are always excited when our clients see increased sales, we need to emphasize the following:

Do not trade a short-term jump in revenue for the long-term damage you can do to your customers, employees, and community by continuing to operate your business as usual. It is NOT business as usual for most Americans right now, and precautions need to be taken by dispensaries that are continuing to operate. 

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5 Revenue-Driving Essentials for Every Cannabis Dispensary Website

A cannabis dispensary website needs to drive revenue.

We’ve seen it many times: a cannabis dispensary that has a gorgeous store in a perfect location, but a single-scroller landing page for a website. NO. A website should be more than just a page with your store’s address. It should drive revenue; it should make you money. In fact, in a saturated market, a revenue-focused website can be the difference between your businesses survival or failure. Here’s five elements that every cannabis dispensary website needs to have to drive revenue.

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Silver Dabblers: The fastest-growing cannabis user is aged over 50

Divorced Dads and Silver Dabblers. Microdosing Mamas and Discreet Unwinders.

What do these people have in common?

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BEWARE: The OKannapocalypse is coming. Will you be ready?

It’s been said before that nothing is certain except for death and taxes. Well, in the case of the Oklahoma cannabis industry, here is what is certain...Read more