5 Revenue-Driving Essentials for Every Cannabis Dispensary Website

A cannabis dispensary website needs to drive revenue.

We’ve seen it many times: a cannabis dispensary that has a gorgeous store in a perfect location, but a single-scroller landing page for a website. NO. A website should be more than just a page with your store’s address. It should drive revenue; it should make you money. In fact, in a saturated market, a revenue-focused website can be the difference between your businesses survival or failure. Here’s five elements that every cannabis dispensary website needs to have to drive revenue.

Dispensary Online Ordering

online ordering menu cannabis dispensary
If your cannabis dispensary operates in a market that allows online ordering for pickup in-store, then it is absolutely essential that you enable your website visitors to use this feature. While it’s true that the more time a customer spends in the store the higher their ticket value is, many people know what they want and value the convenience of online ordering.
It’s a volume play, and if you don’t allow your customers to shop this way they’ll simply go to a dispensary that does.
There are many platforms that make it very easy, like Dutchie, Bud Bytes, Leafly, and Weedmaps, so you no longer have any excuses! Here’s a statistic to drive it home for you: the ORDER page is usually the second most trafficked page on a dispensary website, following only the home page.

Sales and Specials page

While the ORDER page is the second most-trafficked page on a cannabis dispensary website, third place goes to the Sales and Specials page for those that have it. Consumers have been programmed to take action whenever there is a sale, and will periodically check this page to see if their favorite brands or products are marked down.
Simply having this page and updating it regularly provides an incentive for customers to re-visit the site.
If you don’t have a Sales and Specials page in your dispensary website structure, we strongly recommend that you add one.

Segmented data collection

When we refer to data collection on a cannabis dispensary website, we’re mostly referring to sign-ups to your email list. We’re not going to get into the absolute requirement of email marketing for dispensaries, you can read more about that in this post:  We’ll just assume you’re already doing it. One way to make your email marketing much more effective is to segment your e-mail list by product category preferences. That way when you send out e-blasts about weekly sales, for example, you can highlight the products that are most relevant to each customer’s preferences.
We suggest an extra step in the e-mail sign-up process that asks the visitor their favorite methods of consumption.
A simple check box that includes options for Flower, Edibles, Concentrates, and Vapes will do the trick. We’re not suggesting you create a different promotional email for each category (although you could), but that you change the email subject line to reflect a person’s preference. It will improve open rates and therefore improve follow-through on the promotion.

cannabis corporate social responsibility program Corporate Social Responsibility program

We always encourage cannabis dispensaries to attach themselves to a charitable cause. It’s helpful for so many reasons, including your bottom line. Did you know that millennials control around $200 billion in buying power? Now consider that millennials are 73% more likely to purchase a product that benefits the environment or society in general, when given the opportunity. Most other key demographics aren’t far behind.
Also important to note is that a CSR program can act as a differentiator between you and your competition.
And like the say on the internet, “pics of it didn’t happen” so make sure you feature the details of your CSR program prominently on your website. If you aren’t sure where to get started, check in with our friends at Cannabis Doing Good. Setting up CSR programs for cannabis businesses is their business.

Local SEO

You’re likely familiar with the term SEO, but Local SEO, while related, works differently. Surely you’ve searched Google for something near you. For example, coffee near me, or in the context of this discussion, dispensary near me. But your physical proximity to a dispensary is only one of the factors Google uses to produce those search results. If you don’t have a good, comprehensive website that’s updated regularly, AND a local SEO strategy in place, somebody could be a block from your dispensary and your store may not even make the search results page. SEO in the traditional sense is important, but make sure a local SEO strategy is included in your overall plan too. Folks near your store that are searching google for a dispensary close to them- that’s just money they are waiting to hand over to somebody! Don’t let it be your competitors.

Your cannabis dispensary website should make you money!

A good dispensary website isn’t just a landing page or a vanity project. It’s an essential tool to drive revenue for your business. Don’t leave money on the table or risk your businesses success by ignoring it. Don’t know where to start? We’re happy to look at your current website and provide a list of recommendations to turn it into a money-printing machine, no cost, no pressure. Just fill out the form below.


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