Our Approach

How We Do It


We’re not a restaurant, so we won’t serve you with a menu. That’s not how we roll.

Instead, we work backwards, starting with your cannabis business goals, then crafting a detailed, step-by-step strategy to meet them, complete with KPIs, benchmarks, and transparent reporting on progress.



Hybrid isn’t a massive agency that has hundreds of clients, and we don’t want to be. We curate our partners carefully; we only work with people that we like, and that like us. It makes for a more enjoyable and more successful experience for everyone. That means that when we’re interested in bringing a new client onboard, they’ll meet our team from the CEO to the creative director. You’ll get to know us, we’ll get to know you. We have to choose each other if we’re going to work together.


Our discovery stage is the most critical step to our process. We dig deep to gain a complete understanding of your business and its operations. Most importantly, we learn about your short and long term business goals. What does success look like? Where would you like to see your business in 1 year? 5 years? We also learn the competitive landscape, researching your sector and your competitors. Some call this a SWOT analysis on steroids. We think of it more like an interesting conversation with a new friend.



We know each other, we know your business, we know your goals, we know your strengths and weaknesses, and we know your competitors. It’s time for us to spend some time locked in a dimly lit room coming up with a plan. Our strategists have extensive experience in the cannabis industry, and this is when they put their thinking caps on. They’ll pick and choose the right tactics, tools, and timing, creating the road map that will get you from point A (becoming a client with Hybrid) to point B (achieving and exceeding your business goals). What might that strategy include?


Ready to celebrate your new success? We’ll do it with you. Drinks on us.