Exceptional marketing only works when it’s built on the foundation of a memorable brand. You might have the best product in the world, but if your brand doesn’t communicate excellence, it’s all for nothing.

Here are a few questions you need to ask:
  • What does your brand stand for?
  • What problems do you solve for your customers?
  • What are your core values and principles?
  • Are you mission-driven?
  • What are your key differentiators?

Your brand needs to convey the answers to each question concisely and beautifully.

We’ll work to understand your goals, inspirations, products, and target persona’s and execute a thorough competitive analysis and audit to make sure your brand speaks the right language.

We do our homework because your business depends on it - and so does ours.

Our discovery informs the design process, and moodboards give us a starting point that guides our initial concepts. Then comes the fun part; the presentation of your visual identity. It’ll include the following:


we’ll present options, variations, and lockups. Every curve, flourish, and line in your logo serves a purpose.

Color Palette:

your brand colors are as important as your logo. We’ll select colors that perfectly convey your brand’s personality and purpose.


Times New Roman, Comic Sans, or Helvetica? We’ll save you from making poor choices that’ll last too long. Your brand fonts are purposeful and impactful, and we’ll make sure they tell the right story.


your brand’s icons and symbols are essential elements that you can use across your visual identity.


wood, copper, brushed steel, bubblegum foam; the textures associated with your brand are design elements we can extend into the physical world through your retail spaces or office headquarters.

Photographic Styles:

flat lay, monochrome, portraiture; we’ll identify the photographic styles that best convey your personality, purpose, and mission. And we’ll also make sure it’s a photographic style that your customers will love.

Element Hierarchy:

your brand’s hierarchy is the representation of every brand element working together.


you shouldn’t have to imagine how your logo will look on your store’s exterior or website. We’ll create a series of mockups so you can see it for yourself before you spend a dollar.

Brand Guidelines:

We’ll wrap everything up in a tidy package that includes brand guidelines, so you’re always well-represented. It’s the bible of your brand.

Don’t build your house on sand. Hybrid will create a rock-solid brand that tells a story and speaks to your audience.

Your Rebranding Expert:

Matt Gillespie

Matt is our Creative Director. He has expert eyes and ears, making him the perfect creative lead to transform your existing cannabis brand. Matt has been the essential creative for many cannabis rebranding projects, and the results are always positive.