cannabis Brand Discovery

Brand Discovery

Before we can do great work for your cannabis brand (and your brand’s customers), we need to understand who you are (or at least who you think you are), where you want to go, and how you want customers to see you.

What does your brand stand for? What problems do you solve for customers? Does your brand communicate its core values and principles? How do consumers feel about you?

Our brand discovery aligns your business goals to brand strategy and ensures long-term success. We’ll execute a thorough audit, evaluating communications, brand image, competition, and consumer perception. Our team will get the full picture of your brand by using qualitative and quantitative data collected from key stakeholders and external channels.

We’ll give your brand purpose through the discovery process, define its personality, and help you deliver on your business promise through better branding. Brand discovery maps consumer behaviors and insight to your marketing objectives, and the result is a customized brand strategy that strengthens loyalty and accelerates growth.

Your cannabis business needs a comprehensive brand discovery to establish a consistent, authentic brand that builds customer trust and drives revenue – today and into the future.

Timber Cannabis Brand Development

Here’s what we want to know:

Who are you?
Who do you say you are?
What do others say you are?

The insights gathered from the answers to these questions (and others) establish the foundation from which we’ll build or shift a brand identity that focuses on your mission, vision, and values.

Who do you say you are?

Does everyone in your business, from your employees to leadership, share the same brand story? Is the story accurate? You need to understand what’s being communicated internally to define your brand’s aspirations. A unified internal brand message and identity is ultimately translated to your current customers and customers-to-be. The brand story your employees and leadership share and demonstrate every day is a powerful brand-building tool.

Cannabis Rebrandign Services for Illuminated Extractors

Who are you?

Cannabis business owners and leaders think they know their brands deeply. And they assume they understand what internal stakeholders and customers feel and believe about them. But you need to take a step back occasionally and objectively assess your cannabis brand. When you answer the question of who you are, you can learn who you want to become.

What do others say you are?

Do you know how customers perceive your cannabis brand? External audiences often don’t have all the information they need to form an accurate picture of your brand. Brand discovery helps us identify your audience’s information about you today and what information they need to perceive you in the way you want (or need) to be understood.

We’ll ask the right questions at the correct times and build a solid brand foundation so you can grow and win.

No cannabis marketing agency is better equipped to help you shed your skin than Hybrid.

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Your Brand Discovery EXPERT:

Matt Gillespie

Matt is our Creative Director. He has expert eyes and ears, making him the perfect creative lead to transform your existing cannabis brand. Matt has been the essential creative for many cannabis rebranding projects, and the results are always positive.

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