Outcomes-Based Branding & Marketing for the Cannabis Industry

Marketing designed explicitly for traditional industries expanding into the cannabis sector.

Who We Work With:

The cannabis industry is primed for mature, enterprise-level manufacturers to offer solutions that solve crucial problems and develop industry-wide standards and practices.

Traditional manufacturers and industrial solution providers constantly monitor emerging markets with the potential for exponential growth. The growing cannabis industry presents a massive opportunity to manufacturers that can adapt existing solutions or develop new ones to create better, more consistent and safe operations and products. Including:

The cannabis industry desperately needs manufacturers to innovate equipment and systems to foster safer, higher quality, and predictable cannabis experiences.

As the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats; Hybrid Marketing specializes in helping traditional industrial and manufacturing organizations de-risk their entrance into the emerging cannabis market.

We’re proud to offer our go-to-market services to entities interested in developing cannabis solutions that move the industry forward.

Who we are

Hybrid has worked with the cannabis industry since 2015, so we’ve had a first-row seat to its rapid evolution.

That means we’re all too familiar with the challenges and opportunities that brands experienced entering the cannabis sector.

Fortunately, today manufacturers (like you) are developing solutions that lend themselves to the various components making up the modern, legal cannabis industry.

But like the brands you serve with industry-leading solutions, you need a genuine marketing partner capable of delivering the outcomes your business needs.

Hybrid is your partner

We founded Hybrid Marketing Co with a simple goal: to provide more results with less complexity.

Hybrid isn’t a restaurant, so we won’t serve you a menu. Instead, we’ll craft a detailed, step-by-step go-to-market strategy to meet your goals, complete with benchmarks, KPIs, and transparent reporting.

Our high-touch, values-driven approach to cannabis marketing allows us to align with your key business drivers (revenue, risk, cost, cash flow, and utilization) and break through the noise to deliver genuine, lasting business results.

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