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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential arrow in your cannabis or psilocybin brand quiver.

Federal, state, and platform limitations narrow your paid advertising opportunities, but rich, helpful, and focused content can help you gain awareness and trust.

Awareness and trust lead to sales.

The US Cannabis market is exploding, and competition is fierce. Not every brand will hit Google’s first page – but they’ll all try.

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We’re your search engine marketing partner with a proven track record of identifying and claiming search engine opportunities for B2C and B2B cannabis clients.

Leave the burden of marketing to hybrid so you can do what you do best – make incredible products and offer outstanding services.

Google Ranking is About More Than Position #1

You can’t deny the power of earning the number one position on the Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page). But position number one isn’t everything anymore.

The US Cannabis market is exploding, and competition is fierce. Not every brand will hit Google’s first page – but they’ll all try.

We’re focused on every search engine marketing aspect to earn as much SERP real estate as possible. Hybrid creates opportunities for people to find your cannabis business no matter how or where the searcher makes their decision.


On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is the heart of your search strategy, and it’s easy to get wrong. We’re search pros, and we want to understand how people talk about your products at every buying stage.

When we understand their language and questions, we can rely on your expertise and our research and innovative tactics to give Google – and the searcher – the best response to their questions.

That’s how we improve experiences and earn trust.

Off-Page SEO

Your brand exists in more places than just your website. People learn about you all over the web. We’ll make sure your brand puts its best foot forward with consistent, accurate, and optimized content.

Technical SEO

How your site communicates with search engines requires care, expertise, and attention to detail. Your site must be visible to search engines, it must be indexed appropriately, fast-loading, and use a site structure that gives visitors an outstanding experience.

Your results and our reputation are one and the same.

Your site’s SEO is in good hands with Hybrid. Our expertise, creativity, and marketing passion ensure the most substantial outcomes.

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Tyler Jacobson

Our SEO team has over 25 years of results in ranking brands in highly competitive industries. We’ve helped drive top brands to their strongest quarters. And we combine our technical and creative know-how with cannabis industry knowledge and connections to improve your results, year after year, after year.

Talk to us today; we’ll find your audience and generate outcomes beyond your wildest dreams.

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