Cannabis Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

With so many cannabis marketing limitations, we have to squeeze as much juice from our efforts as we can.

There are many forms of marketing automation for the cannabis industry. Here are just a few of them.

  • Automated emails triggered from an abandoned cart
  • Automated follow-up assignments and tasks triggered when a prospect takes an action
  • Automated SMS messages sent to dispensary customers

There are too many uses-cases for cannabis marketing automation to list on this page, but here are a few quick examples. You could automate emails triggered from an abandoned cart. Or automate follow-up assignments and tasks to occur when a prospect takes a specific action (or actions; check out our lead scoring page).

How about automated SMS messages sent when a dispensary customer hasn’t made a recent purchase? It’s all on the table. Marketing automation makes your marketing efforts go deeper and further without adding significant expenses or additional resources.

Do you operate a CBD eCommerce site? If you do, personalized and automated email marketing is a must.

Marketing automation in the cannabis industry amplifies the power of your modest marketing and sales team. You’ll look like a powerhouse, and your competitors will be none the wiser.

We can design a multi-stage automation program that moves prospects from the top of the funnel to the sales handoff and beyond.

Marketing automation is a transformative step in developing and scaling your cannabis, CBD, or hemp businesses.


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