Why? Because in a saturated and competitive marketplace, merch can mean the difference between success and failure. Hear us out.

Branded merchandise turns your fans and customers into walking billboards. And if you’re in a state abundant with tourists, merch becomes revenue-generating souvenirs.

You can’t give away cannabis products in most markets (it’s a compliance violation). But you can almost always give away branded merchandise through social media, email campaigns, or in-store contests (and more).

Still, the only way people will buy and wear your merch is if it’s thoughtfully designed – that’s the distinction between giveaway swag and merch and apparel with value.

Here’s our marker for a successful cannabis apparel line:

it’s a piece of clothing you’d wear even if you weren’t familiar with the featured brand or business. Your merch and apparel need to be more than a t-shirt on which your logo is printed.

You can look at our work with Colorado-based dispensary heavyweight, Lightshade for an example of expertly executed apparel and merch.


Your Rebranding Expert:

Matt Gillespie

Matt is our Creative Director. He has expert eyes and ears, making him the perfect creative lead to transform your existing cannabis brand. Matt has been the essential creative for many cannabis rebranding projects, and the results are always positive.