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Lightshade Cannabis Flower & Joint in Gorilla sculpture

The Backstory

The Lighthouse team (MC2) came to us via a referral, from MJ Freeway, before they had much of anything. In fact, they weren’t even named Lighthouse at that point. They were a blank slate! Their plan was to enter the Ohio market with a pedigree of high-end concentrate products typically only found in mature markets like Colorado and California. They had managed to secure a license and were in the process of building out their high-tech facility. Beyond that, they had no idea what they needed or where to start. “No problem, we’ve got this,” was what we told them. It was going to be a zero-to-hero engagement, a Hybrid specialty!


We can summarize the challenge with a single word: Ohio. They are currently a medical-only market and have some of the most severe branding, marketing, and advertising restrictions around. Out-of-home and programmatic were off the table, along with virtually any other type of advertising you can imagine. But that wasn’t the most difficult challenge of the Ohio market. Anything that a brand is going to use that is outward-facing must be submitted, reviewed, and approved by Ohio’s marijuana regulatory board. That includes all website copy, email marketing, and even social media. You read that right: Ohio cannabis businesses can’t even make a social media post without it being approved by the board. Because the board has up to 30 days to respond, you can imagine that this slows down the process very significantly.

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The Strategy

Design + Content + SEO + Traditional + Digital

We started with a very basic 4-point strategy.

Build the foundation

Create an engaging and unique brand that has depth and will resonate in the Ohio marketplace. There are also branding restrictions, which makes this another obstacle and challenge. In addition to the brand, we need to create a website that is effective, clean, tells their story, and (most importantly) can pass approval by the regulatory board.

Arm sales

The Lighthouse team had sales chops and weren’t afraid to be foot soldiers for the brand. So we wanted to arm them with as much artillery as possible! Slide decks, brochures, one-pagers, business cards, and anything else they could use to demonstrate the brand’s value to retailers would be critical.

Launch products where there are gaps and opportunities

Lighthouse had an extraction mad scientist on their team. We wanted to make sure his abilities were put to their best use, so we would conduct gap and trend analysis to try to spot opportunities and needs in the Ohio market that weren’t being met by the current manufacturers.

Build to transition to adult-use

Ohio is very much medically-focused and will be so for the near future. But eventually they will become an adult-use market. We wanted to make sure Lighthouse had infrastructure and brand value in place so that when that change happens, they’ll be well-positioned to make the transition, and make it faster than their competitors.

Lightshade Cannabis Flower & Joint in Gorilla sculpture


Beyond acting as their go-to-market consultants and setting all branding and marketing strategy, we provided the following services:

  • Naming
  • Brand development
  • Web development
  • Copywriting
  • Product photography
  • Packaging design
  • Sales enablement assets
  • Platform consulting and onboarding – Leaflink
  • Email marketing
  • SEO
  • Social media
  • Content / blog


The results have been excellent. Revenue numbers went from $0-120k (per month) in only 3 months and 0 to 36 retailers in the same timeframe. 

We have high expectations for the future of Lighthouse and are pleased to be a part of their journey.  

Services Provided

Strategy, Branding, Web & Graphic Design, Print Advertising, Content Creation, Social Media Management, Blogging, Email Marketing, SEO, Programmatic Advertising, Apparel & Merchandise, Art Direction for Photography & Video, Interior Design Consulting, Environmental Design


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