Not all leads are created equal. Lead scoring helps sales teams focus on high-value leads (the leads most likely to convert), so marketing can continue to nurture top and mid-funnel opportunities with content.

We’ll set a score to indicate when a lead is ready for a sales-team hand-off (100, for example). But every marketing activity inside your funnel earns a score:

  • 5 points: a marketing email open
  • 10 points: a marketing email click 
  • 15 points: two or more page visits in a single session
  • 50 points: webinar attendance
  • 30 points: a white paper download

When a lead hits 100 in this example, they’re considered a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL). The sales team receives a notification, and they take it from there.

Lead scoring is great for ancillary cannabis businesses that sell high-ticket items with a longer sales cycle.

We set-up Lead Scoring for our client Mobius Trimmer and saw exceptional results.

Visit our case study to learn more about our work with Mobius

Want to learn more about lead scoring for your cannabis business? Get in touch, and we’ll show you how Hybrid gets the job done.

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