Sh*t We're Good At


We’ve been there. In a rush to get something thrown up on your website or had to go to an event and needed some interim business cards and you end up with temporary logo that sticks around longer than intended. It’s time for a rebrand. This process can feel overwhelming but Hybrid’s design team is equipped to make the process fluid and leave you with the brand you wanted from the start. Learn more about Rebranding.

Brand Discovery

Still trying to figure out who you are and what you want to be? Hybrid can help. We kick off our branding process with an in depth discovery. This process helps align the visions of the client team and helps identify target personas. The brand discovery serves as the foundation for developing your brand. Learn more about brand discovery.

Brand Development

Ready to dive into the exciting cannabis industry but want to make a splash? Branding is everything. Hybrid will walk you through our discovery process and into brand development. Throughout our branding process, our focus is on creating something that will resonate with your customers. And once the branding is complete, our marketing kicks in to make sure that happens. Learn more about brand development.

Email Marketing

It’s a tried-and-tested form of marketing, and one of the most valuable tactics available to cannabis businesses. Anybody that tells you email marketing is dead doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

Lead Scoring

In the B2B cannabis space, you don’t want to spend time on leads that aren’t ready for your attention. We implement lead grading systems to help you reach out at the exact right time. Learn more about lead scoring.

Hubspot Integration

As Hubspot Gold Partners, we believe in and are heavily investing in the Inbound marketing methodology. If it’s a fit for you, we can train you as well as manage your Hubspot instance. Learn more about Hubspot integrations.

Hubspot Platinum Solutions Partner Program

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation makes a small marketing team seem mighty. We know. Learn more about marketing automation.

SEO / Paid Search

Search Engine Optimization is always top-of-mind when we are building sites and developing content.

In this highly regulated industry, paid search isn’t always an option, but Google Ads is a powerful tool for the right clients.

Web Design & Development

Hybrid designers do all of our web design in-house, and consider an exceptional website to be a foundational building block for business. In most cases, it’s your first opportunity to wow a potential customer.

Content Development & Copywriting

Written content is the key to SEO. Hybrid’s writers are the best in the industry, and do everything from blog writing to long-format content and ghost-writing for cannabis publications.

Social Media Advertising & Management

Social media may not be your thing. Luckily, we can handle it for you. Having a consistent presence on social will help you stay at top of mind with customers. Hybrid will explore which social channels make the most sense for your business and take it from there. Social media advertising can be effective for ancillary businesses.


Video is considered the most high-value content available. Our team has extensive experience in video production from short ads to feature-length documentaries and everything in between.


Capture your audience with professional photography and then hook them with our powerful copywriting. Hybrid has extensive experience in photography within the cannabis industry. Whether you’re operating a 500 acre hemp farm or are launching a new edible product, we’ve done it all.


Custom animation can help take your video content to the next level.


We create product packaging that practically jumps off the shelf, begging to be purchased.

GTM Strategy

You only launch a product once. We can help you get it right.

Environmental Design

From cannabis retail stores to corporate offices, Hybrid designs spaces that extend your brand into an experience.

Promotional Products & Merchandise

T-shirts, mugs, hats, oh my! We do it all.


The world isn’t all digital. That’s why we still use traditional tactics and placements when it makes sense for our clients.


From product-launches to multi-day, multi-venue festivals, we have more event experience than anyone in the industry.


Not a fit for everyone, but many in the cannabis industry still build significant relationships from trade shows. We can design and deliver stand-out tradeshow booths.


Programmatic Advertising

From cannabis retail stores to corporate offices, Hybrid designs spaces that extend your brand into an experience.

We craft beautifully designed print and outdoor ads that put your brand in front of the right people at the right time.

“Hands, touching hands
Reaching out, touching me, touching you…”