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Cue Cannabis

The Backstory

CUE Cannabis are cannabis software resellers. Seed-to-Sale software, dispensary Point of Sale software, loyalty software, they cover the range of business systems needed to operate a cannabis cultivation or dispensary. Their website is set up like a marketplace, with all their software broken down into relevant categories. Cue was originally founded as a traditional business software reseller but had pivoted to re-focus on software for the cannabis space.


Cue wasn’t gaining traction. They weren’t getting the traffic they needed, and they weren’t generating leads. They had some great tools in place (Hubspot, Cannabiz.Media database), but they weren’t being used effectively. There were some lead magnets on their site but they weren’t generating much activity. They were spending lots of money on Facebook and Google ads, but not getting any legitimate leads from them. Their funding was finite, and they needed to right the ship as quickly as possible to ensure the continued operation of their business.

The Strategy

Email Marketing + SEO + Traditional + Digital

To be as cost-effective as possible, the first thing we did was try to optimize the tools they had already paid for. So we re-branded their white paper with a more attractive name, and then set it up on their website with an exit-intend pop-up (through Hubspot) to give it further visibility. Facebook and Google Ads were shut down to shift resources, time, and effort to better-performing tactics. Next step was on-page SEO. We gave their website an initial SEO tuneup, and then made sure progress was continued with weekly SEO updates and suggestions. We knew content was going to be critical to Cue’s success. They simply needed more of it!

We increased their blog output and steered their topics to help them rank for relevant search terms. With more traffic coming in, we determined there needed to be a “softer” lead magnet than a white paper, so we created a Cannabis Software Checklist to catch more top-of-funnel leads, compared to a white paper which would traditionally be middle or bottom of funnel leads. These new TOFU leads could then be nurtured with revised messaging that we re-worked to be more casual and less sales-y.

We added further steps to their nurturing campaigns and workflows so their sales reps wouldn’t reach out to leads too soon, and they would avoid the dreaded double-tap. With two recurring meetings per week we maintained alignment and connection with their in-house staff, made sure no details were being missed, and that KPIs were moving in the right direction.


While we did significant writing, design work, and SEO work, the relationship between Hybrid and Cue is best characterized as an on-going consultation. We act as both a source and a sounding board for new ideas and improvements, helping Cue to make their marketing efforts more efficient and more effective. While our engagement is still relatively new, the results are already extremely positive. The boost in new leads they saw was dramatic, going up 300% compared to the previous period. Their search engine results improved as well, taking them from 4th and 5th page rankings to 1st page ranking for relevant search terms like “cannabis dispensary software.” Blog page views went up 115%, and average session duration went up 12%. Our phase 2 plan for Cue will extend and build upon these exciting early wins.

Services Provided

Strategy, Web & Graphic Design, Content Creation,  Blogging, Email Marketing, SEO, Programmatic Advertising


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