Remedy Partners With Hybrid Marketing Co.

Denver, CO, July 1, 2021 – Hybrid Marketing Co. is pleased to welcome Remedy Medical Dispensary into its family of cannabis-related businesses. Remedy, located in Columbia, MD, is Maryland’s largest medical cannabis dispensary, providing relief to Maryland’s Howard County patients.

Remedy is deeply rooted in holistic medicine and alternative therapies making medical cannabis a natural fit. The company has over 40 years of experience in the business of healing people through acupuncture and alternative medicine. They use a holistic approach to medicine to treat chronic pain, anxiety, depression, hypertension, and nausea from chemotherapy. 

“Our mission is to provide Maryland’s registered medical cannabis patients with access to the highest quality, most efficacious, and most carefully selected medications to relieve their ailments in a safe, welcoming, and comfortable environment,” says Mitch.  “Our vision at Remedy is to become Maryland’s leader in medical cannabis supply and support.”

Mitch says he is confident that with the help of the team at Hybrid Marketing Co, they can achieve their vision. 

“Hybrid Marketing Co is a perfect fit for us,” says Mitch. “Now we can not only deliver a superior product to our patients, but we also have the marketing and branding muscle to get the word out to future patients.”   

Hybrid Marketing Co was formed in 2017 and has quickly brought many cannabis-related businesses into the fold, including Lightshade Cannabis Dispensary, Mobius Trimmer, and Wana Wellness. Like Remedy, they’re poised for growth in this fast-moving industry. 

“Our team members have diverse backgrounds in the cannabis industry; we were powerful on our own, but when we combined forces in 2017, we created a cannabis marketing supergroup!” says Hybrid’s Content Director, Aaron Rosenbluth. “Dispensaries, cultivators, ancillary businesses, B2B and B2C, we can do it all because we’ve done it all.”

Speaking to the newly-minted partnership, Hybrid Marketing’s Director of Strategy, Jonathan McFarlane, said, “Remedy can trace their lineage in alternative medicine back to 1974. That’s incredibly rare in this industry! We’re excited about the opportunity to work with Remedy and help tell the next chapter of their story.” 

About Hybrid Marketing Co. 

Hybrid Marketing Co is a Denver-based branding and marketing agency specializing in building custom strategies that supercharge growth and drive revenue. Working with brands and businesses across the globe, Hybrid’s partners run the full spectrum of the cannabis world, including dispensaries, manufacturers, cultivators, and ancillary businesses. 

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