The Best Cannabis Marketing Agencies

Colorado kicked-off the trend of legal cannabis in 2012, and as of this writing, fourteen states and territories are selling legal weed to happy consumers.  With the 2024 presidential election in view, we’re perched on the precipice of federal cannabis legalization (fingers crossed), and an undetermined number of new cannabis businesses are waiting in the wings.

“Legal sales of marijuana are expected to top $33 billion by the end of 2022, according to a new study by MJBiz, a leading B2B cannabis industry resource. That’s a 32% increase over 2021’s total of $25 billion. And by 2026, the group estimates, annual sales will exceed $52 billion.” - Fortune

With more cannabis businesses, comes a greater need for specialized cannabis marketing.

And marijuana is fickle. Our industry is the modern-day business equivalent of the Wild West (at least until corporate interests take over). Cannabis cowboys (that’s us), stigmatized consumers, confused weed newbies, and vague marketing rules and state regulations, make for an intricate and befuddling web of uncertainty.

You have a lot of options when it comes to cannabis marketing agencies, and most aren’t familiar with confusing marijuana marketing regulations. Of those who are, too many aren’t creative enough to come up with new solutions and workarounds.

Still, there are a good number of cannabis marketing agencies that can deliver on what their website copy promises. Here are our top picks.

Hybrid Marketing co.

Hybrid is the best cannabis marketing agency in North America.

We understand that every cannabis brand is unique and deserves an individualized approach. Our team of cannabis cowboys craft one-of-a-kind solutions that break the mold for dispensaries, processors, vendors, and cultivators and amplifies their reach in an increasingly competitive (and cutthroat) marketplace.

We help cannabis businesses with branding, SEO, digital marketing, web design, content, social media management, and business consulting. Hybrid creates transformative business solutions. It just so happens that we use marketing as our foundation.

Best at: End-to-end marketing and branding for clients who know they need help, but aren’t sure where to start.

cannabis marketing agency

Cannabis Creative

Cannabis Creative is a cannabis-focused marketing (#Duh) agency based in Newton, Massachusetts. They provide “performance-based marketing solutions” for cannabis businesses and specialize in SEO, web design, and digital marketing.

From Cannabis Creative: “We have boosted exposure for clients in diverse industries both locally and nationally, and we can help cannabis-based businesses of all stripes, from cultivators to dispensaries to ancillary service providers, reach a broader market and succeed in this ever-expanding field.”

Good at: Packaging design and social media.

Cannaverse Solutions

The seasoned bi-coastal Cannaverse Solutions team shapes, creates, crafts, and pioneers products and services across the full-spectrumof cannabis. They specialize in branding and strategy, marketing activation, web design, social media marketing, and custom packaging.

From Cannaverse: “We stand for the powerful benefits of cannabis. We build brands that represent positive change.”

Good at: E-commerce tools and tactics.

Greenlit Agency

Greenlit is a cannabis marketing agency based in Hollywood, California. GreenLit collaborates with marijuana entrepreneurs to activate brand identities, websites, digital marketing strategies, packaging design, and more. Their consultative process identifies the client’s strengths, eliminates their weaknesses, and reveals opportunities for business growth inside the competitive cannabis landscape.

From Greenlit: “Greenlit is a creative cannabis marketing agency. It’s our goal to work collaboratively with you to build a unique brand that stands out in the saturated recreational cannabis marketplace.”

Good at: High-end video production.


PufCreativ, from Denver, Colorado, is a relatively young cannabis marketing agency (founded in 2017), but with the capabilities of a tenured marketing organization. They work with cannabis businesses to develop advertising solutions and marketing strategies and specialize in content creation, social media management, design, branding, and more.

From Puf Creative: “PufCreativ is a creative marijuana marketing firm that creates strategies and advertising solutions for your cannabis or CBD brand.”

Good at: Still photography and quick-turn content.


Sapling, founded in 2017, is a cannabis consultancy and marketing firm that offers marketing strategy and brand development, along with marketing automation services to their clients. Their goal is to turn cannabis startups into iconic brands (that’s something we can get behind).

From Sapling: “We help cannabis & hemp brands gain an unfair competitive advantage.”

Good at: Marketing automation for small teams.

The Clarity Agency

From the Windy City (Chicago), the Clarity Agency provides web design, branding, marketing strategy, and SEO services for their clients. Their overall goal is to help cannabis businesses earn more clients with sophisticated strategies.

From the Clarity Agency: “The world of marijuana marketing has up to this point been amateur and unfocused. We’re here to change that.”

Good at: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

High Hopes

High Hopes helps cannabis entrepreneurs succeed through branding, website design, packaging, and general marketing services that include SEO and social media management.

From High Hopes: “We help build brands that stand out in a crow, on the shelf, and against the competition.”

Good at: Building brand assets for dispensaries.

Cola Digital

ColaDigital, like Gear 7 Digital, is a Canada-based boutique cannabis marketing agency. Since 2004 they’ve helped boost their client’s digital presence with the help of web development, social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, and more. They create unique cannabis marketing solutions for their Canadian cannabis clients.

From ColaDigital: “We offer dispensary marketing, website development, SEO, social media management, Google ads, and content writing for CBD and Cannabis ancillary products and services.”

Good at: Pay-per-click advertising for ancillary cannabis businesses.

With paid digital ads off the table (for the most part), and inconsistent state-by-state advertising regulations, digging through google results for the best cannabis marketing agencies can feel like searching for a glimmering needle in the proverbial haystack. Hopefully, this list makes the search faster for you.

And if you want to call it a day and partner with us, we’re ready. Get in touch – let’s do great work together.


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