Does Your Cannabis Brand Need Social Media? Yes, But Not For the Reasons You Think

Every cannabis brand needs social media. But, the reasons to be on social, and how you should approach your accounts might surprise you.

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The Top Five Reasons Cannabis and Hemp Industry Businesses Should Become cGMP Certified

There are many reasons your cannabis business should become cGMP certified; here are just five of them. 

By Kim Stuck, CEO and Founder, Allay Cannabis Consulting

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Four States Legalized Recreational Marijuana in November - Here’s What That Means for the Cannabis Industry

Voters in New Jersey, Arizona, South Dakota, and Montana legalized recreational cannabis during November’s election. So, what comes next?

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How to Find a Dispensary Marketing Agency

The cannabis industry is rapidly growing (despite this year’s pandemic). 

Projections estimate the global legal cannabis market will reach a value of nearly $74B by 2027. The North American legal cannabis market reached $12.9B in 2019, and by the close of 2020, experts expect the number to exceed $15B. We’re on the precipice of federal legalization (fingers crossed), and there’s a deluge of new dispensaries preparing to open. 

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Interior Design Can Be The Difference Between Dispensary Success and Failure

My first Colorado dispensary experience wasn’t positive - or comfortable. Let me explain.

Colorado’s legal recreational cannabis sales started on January 1, 2014. Lines wrapped around buildings state-wide, but Denver’s “Green Mile,” attracted crowds of stoners as far as the eye could see. The Green Mile is a stretch of South Broadway with dispensaries on every corner for those reading who are unfamiliar.

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Your Dispensary Needs a Customer Service Culture From the Start

Cannabis dispensaries consider every detail but too often miss the mark on creating a customer service culture. 

Customer service is everything. 

And customer service isn’t a department or set of rules and regulations (although guidelines are essential).

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The Rules of Content Marketing for Cannabis

Content marketing isn’t new. 

Brands have used content to tell their stories for hundreds of years, and storytelling is one of the oldest forms of communication (cave drawings are content).  

But today, the word content isn’t just overused; it’s misused. Marketers aggressively use the phrase, “content is king,” like it’s going out of style. 

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cannabis under microscope

Is SEO Important for Cannabis Dispensary Marketing? (Hint, It Is) 

SEO is too often shrouded in mystery and expense, but it’s still essential for marketing your cannabis dispensary. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is mysterious. Area 51 mysterious. And marijuana businesses are often swindled by dispensary SEO “professionals.” 

Slippery smooth-talkers are preying on innocent business owners, with the skills of greasily coiffed car salesmen. Unfortunately, SEO is only getting more complicated, opening the door to increased deception. 
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marketing upheaval podcast image

Johnathan McFarlane on Marketing Upheaval to discuss Cannabis Marketing Tactics

We are big podcast listeners here at Hybrid! That's why we were excited when our strategist Johnathan McFarlane was a guest on the Marketing Upheaval podcast. He spoke with host Rudy Hernandez about cannabis marketing tactics and why we find it such an exciting space for marketers.
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cannabis edibles gummy bears

A How-To Guide to Marketing Cannabis Edibles Online

Like any new industry, the early years of legal cannabis were fast-moving and exciting. And as the industry matures, we’re getting a clearer picture of products poised to drive future growth, and cannabis edibles are the front runner. 

From infused beverages and dark chocolates to gummies and mints, edibles are arguably the most diverse and attractive cannabis product category for businesses and consumers. And with COVID-19 and the vape crisis limiting consumer attraction to inhaled marijuana products, we expect to see edibles surge in popularity this year. 

But the methods of effectively marketing cannabis edibles online are different than other product categories, and some risks could limit growth for edibles-focused businesses, from regulatory compliance to increasing competition and consumer concerns.  

Here’s how to use digital marketing to bring awareness to your cannabis edibles brand or dispensary. 
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