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Cannabis Industry: Meet Botani, a Brand 476 Years in the Making.

Botani’s products bring consistency and differentiation to brands with their innovative, natural paper products.

Who doesn’t want more differentiated products? Who doesn’t need more consistency from batch to batch? Who doesn’t want to turn pre-rolls from the hot dogs of the dispensary to a highly sought after and high-margin product category? These are just some of the big promises coming from Botani.

Hybrid Marketing is thrilled to announce the launch of Botani, a cannabis-forward brand under the umbrella of historic paper manufacturer Schweitzer-Mauduit International. SWM traces its lineage back to the founding of Papeteries de Malauecene in a small town near Avignon, France. The year was 1545; electricity, cars, and computers were still hundreds of years in the future. (The Gutenberg Press had only been invented a mere 100 years earlier.) Fast forward from these historic beginnings in the Renaissance era to today, and SWM enters the cannabis industry via Botani to bring their expertise, experience, and innovative products to brands that badly need them.

Botani paper used for pre-roll joints next to a plate of ground cannabis flower and a candle that says smoke

Says Johnathan McFarlane, Head of Strategy at Hybrid, “We fought hard during a very competitive pitch process, and have spent nearly a year getting to this point. The whole Hybrid team is excited to see their work on this project finally out there in the world!"

Although they have many products on the 2022 roadmap, Botani is launching with three key categories.

Image of Botani Wrapped Joints in a bowl next to a fuchsia flower on a pink background

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Hemp Wraps:

Think blunt wraps, but better. Made with Botani’s proprietary paper-making process that uses no adhesives or glues, they provide a more natural experience and sought-after slow-burning performance.

Hemp Filler:

Brands can bring consistency to their flower-based products by mixing Botani’s hemp filler with their own virgin flower. Batch to batch, year to year, the customer gets the same tailor-made experience every time.

Rolling and Roll Your Own papers:

Hemp, flax, traditional wood pulp, even cocoa are all possibilities for Botani’s natural papers.


Terpene and cannabinoid infusions, custom scents and flavors, unique colors, patterns; if you can imagine it, Botani can help you create it.

Says Alex Boone, Managing Director of Botani “We want to help brands create the products that their customers want. And we’re bringing solutions to an industry that badly needs them. Consistency, differentiation, and above all, increased profitability. Do you know of any brands that DON’T want that?"

SWM approached Hybrid Marketing to help in January of 2021 with their desire to enter the cannabis industry. From strategy to naming, brand development, photography, site design, and everything else in between, Botani is now launching into the industry as a fully-realized, cannabis-forward brand.

“When we launch new brands and businesses into this industry, very often we’re starting with nothing. But in this case, it was a dream come true… they have an exceptional story, and we are honored to be able to contribute to it. This is something that most marketers never get the opportunity to do, and we don’t take this privilege lightly.”

With the launch currently rolling out across a variety of channels, Hybrid has been tapped to lead all marketing efforts for the Botani brand moving forward.

If you’d like to learn more about our work on Botani, please contact us.


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