Hybrid Marketing Co Earns a Position On Adweek’s Annual Top 75 Fastest Growing Agencies List

Hybrid Marketing Co is excited to announce its inclusion in Adweek’s annual list of the Top 75 Fastest Growing Agencies!

You can see the list in the October week two print issue or view the online version here

Many agencies have lost significant clients and revenue over the past year and a half due to the pandemic and its related effects. So to be recognized for surviving and thriving in this challenging environment makes this an especially proud moment for us. And being the only cannabis-specialized agency included on the list makes it even better!

How We Did It 

As an agency that deals in vice, we experienced a massive surge in interest when the pandemic first hit. But it was our reputation, deep industry expertise, and focus on strategy from the top that helped us land new business, expand our current retainers and finish Q3 as the top cannabis industry-focused agency.

In the past year, we:

  • Doubled our client count and diversified our client load to include major players and new entrants into the B2B cannabis world.
  • Doubled our headcount to help support our expanded client roster, add subject matter experts, and increase offerings. As a result, measured by headcount, we are now the largest cannabis-specialized agency in the world.
  • Opened a second office in Austin, Texas, a creative city aligned with our vision of “non-coastal” expansion.
  • Added several key platform partnerships, we will be rolling out on behalf of our clients.

We’ve had a lot going on over the past year! But if you haven’t heard of us, that’s by design. 

“We’re the cannabis industry’s best-kept secret, and we’re fine with that,” says Hybrid President Greg Peters, “we don’t often put effort into award submissions because we’d rather put our time into fostering client success. But that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy receiving recognition when it comes our way!”

To be included in the list, agencies were required to submit financial documentation for the past three years and have revenue exceeding $250,000 in 2018. There wasn’t any way to cheat or “buy” your way onto the list. 

However, to us, the recognition from Adweek is about more than earnings. Securing our place on AdWeek’s annual list shows what years of hard work and a dedication to excellence can do for an emerging agency like ours. 

The honor is about our people, passion, and creativity. 


“Hands, touching hands Reaching out, touching me, touching you…”