Table of Contents

  1. Who Is Your Target Audience for Your Booth?
  2. What Are Your Goals?
  3. What Is the ROI You Want From Your Booth Design Cost?
  4. What Is the Average Cost of a Booth?
  5. What Is the Average Cost of Booth Design?
  6. How Is Branding Used in Booth Design?
  7. How Is Lighting Used in Booth Design?
  8. How Is Signage Used in Booth Design?
  9. How Is Flooring Used in Booth Design?
  10. How Is a Backdrop Banner Used in Booth Design?
  11. How Are Tables and Chairs Used in Booth Design?
  12. Booth Design Examples for Different Budgets
  13. How Do You Set Up and Tear Down a Booth?
  14. Know the Exhibit and Signage Rules
  15. Cannabis Trade Show Booth Design Companies
  16. How Do You Attract Customers to Your Booth?

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Your Trade Show Booth at MJBizCon 2022

Your cannabis company can make an amazing first impression with a well planned trade show booth.

Gearing up for MJBizCon 2022 is an exciting time! Whether you’re preparing a speech, participating in a panel discussion, or planning for networking events, this mega conference is the place to see and be seen in the cannabis world, and we want to help set you up for success. 

One aspect of show planning that’s often overlooked is figuring out the design and logistics of your trade show booth. Running a successful cannabis trade show booth takes more work behind the scenes than meets the eye, and inexperienced brands may find themselves scrambling to play catch-up. 

Hybrid is here to help with a guide to creating a booth that promotes your brand, attracts your audience, and fits your budget.

Who Is Your Target Audience for Your Cannabis Booth?

The first step to designing a successful trade show booth design is determining which segment of MJBizCon attendees your booth needs to appeal to. Are you seeking to build connections with cannabis brands, dispensaries, suppliers, extractors, or even (hi!) cannabis marketing agencies? 

Target audiences have needs and expectations your booth will want to meet, and a little research during the planning stages will help you reach the right people. 

What Are Your Goals for the Cannabis Trade Show?

Once you know your audience, it’s time to decide what you want to achieve when you connect with them. A trade show booth should always capture your audience’s attention, but what comes next is up to you.

What’s your primary goal? Do you want to introduce your brand to MJBizCon attendees? Will you demonstrate new products or services? Are you hoping to spark conversations with prospective new clients or potential employees? Knowing your goals in advance will help you get the most out of your trade show booth. 

What Is the ROI You Want From Your Booth Design Cost?

Coming up with booth display ideas is one thing, but figuring out the economics of it is another matter altogether! Approaching MJBizCon with a realistic sense of the costs will help you plan and design accordingly. It also provides an opportunity to develop a ROI goal for your exhibit booth.

What Is the Average Cost of a Booth for the Trade Show?

The cost of trade show displays varies considerably based on a few factors: size, layout, placement, and the design choices your team makes. To give you a ballpark idea of costs, the industry average ranges from $100-150 per square foot.

What Is the Average Cost of Booth Design for the Trade Show?

Design costs also vary. You’ll have to decide if your design needs to be custom created or if you can use existing construction or a template. Industry averages for design are around $130-160 per square foot depending on these factors.

A custom design for a 10×10 booth will cost more than a 10×10 booth layout built from a template.

How is Branding Used in Booth Design?

The most important tip in booth design? Stay on brand! The best trade show booth designs aren’t just memorable advertisements, they’re places to do business. Your logo, company colors, and aesthetic all need to resonate with your overall branding.

How is Lighting Used in Booth Design?

Trade show attendees are like flowers: they need light for their attention to bloom. Using colorful or novelty lighting in your trade show backdrop design is a good way to garner attention, but the first priority for lighting your booth should be to create a sense of accessibility and ease.

How is Signage Used in Booth Design?

Booths for trade shows often use standing banners, table banners, or vertical banners, but don’t forget to stay on point with your branding and messaging. Your signage is there to attract the attention of passersby and reinforce your brand’s presence in a memorable, meaningful way.

How is Flooring Used in Booth Design?

Flooring is more than something to stand on! It delineates space, transforming your cannabis extraction booth into a miniature office or retail zone where visitors can imagine themselves in your world. Whether you choose cozy carpeting or chic tiles, the flooring design choices you make can create an atmosphere clients can relate to.

Done right, a backdrop banner can be your most important piece of signage. It should grab attention and signal your brand’s name, logo, and aesthetics. If you’re feeling verbose you can also include your slogan. Working with a professional graphic designer will ensure your backdrop banner packs a punch, so if you don’t have anyone to handle it in house, consider hiring somebody. When it comes to booth design, it’s all about first impressions. 

How Are Tables and Chairs Used in Booth Design?

Let’s face it: conferences can be exhausting. Many attendees are on their feet for hours, walking from booth to booth in vast convention spaces. A table and some chairs isn’t just a place to rest and recuperate; it’s also a great spot to have meaningful networking conversations. It may seem minor, but creating these spaces is an excellent way to attract spontaneous visitors and make connections.

What Are Some Booth Design Examples for Large, Medium, and Small Budgets

Whatever your budget, there’s an effective booth design out there that will help you connect with clients, grow your business, and return to MJBizCon with an even larger budget to spend next year! Here are some jumping off points to get you started:

  • Budget-friendly design choices include repurposing low-cost materials, using modular designs, and getting creative with your branding and design to draw focus away from less spendy booth construction.
  • Portable displays can be reused from show to show and repurposed for use in your dispensary or office once the show is over, making them an excellent budget choice.
  • Modular inline exhibitions are a more polished, professional mode of signage. They can make a booth look high-end without breaking the bank, and they’re the perfect choice for medium budgets.
  • Custom island exhibits are the most upscale trade show signage option, giving your booth undeniable appeal. If you have a solid budget, this is the way to go!

How Do You Set Up and Tear Down a Booth at a Trade Show?

A professional company hired to create your booth will generally include set up and tear down labor in the cost per foot. You’ll be charged an extra fee if you leave your booth behind at MJBizCon, so having somebody on board to handle that can help prevent unexpected charges. Simply get in touch with the cannabis conference organizers to get a quote.

Know the Exhibit and Signage Rules for Booths at the Cannabis Event

Every event has its own set of rules to be followed, and MJBizCon is no exception. You can find their extensive exhibit and signage rules here. Take the time to read them thoroughly to ensure that your booth and signage are compliant.

Cannabis Trade Show Booth Design Companies

Google searches are the best way to find companies that can help you create the trade show booth of your dreams, but here are a few companies that do cannabis booth designs to help get you started:

How Do You Attract Customers to Your Booth?

So you’ve figured out the layout and design for your booth, but how do you get conference attendees to stop by? Here are some tried and true ways to attract customer attention:

  • Use social proof: This term refers to the way people generally mirror behaviors they see others exhibit, so a booth filled with people is likely to attract more people to stop by.
  • Giveaways: The promise of a potential award incentivizes visitors to stick around. 
  • Games: Fun activities break up conference monotony and entice attendees to stop by and play.
  • Have an experience: Stand out from the crowd by making your booth an immersive experience that can’t be missed!
  • Video: Colorful moving images grab attention, and a good video will cause people to slow down and find out what happens next. 
  • Places to sit (branded table and chairs): Walking around an exhibition hall is tiring! Give people a place to relax and reap the rewards.

  • Freebies (the good stuff): Everyone loves a freebie. Simple promotional items like branded pens attract passersby and create a good impression.
Polaroid picture of Highpoint by Worthington Industries MJBizCon Booth
  • Flooring: It sounds simple, and it’s often overlooked, but good flooring creates a welcoming space that’s separate from the hustle and bustle of the conference.


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