How to Find a Dispensary Marketing Agency

The cannabis industry is rapidly growing. 

Projections estimate the global legal cannabis market will reach a value of nearly $74B by 2027. The North American legal cannabis market reached $20.5B in 2021, and by the close of 2022, experts expect the number to exceed $33B. We’re on the precipice of federal legalization (fingers crossed), and there’s a deluge of new dispensaries preparing to open. 

And every new dispensary must partner with a dispensary marketing agency to succeed – even if they have internal marketing resources. If you’re a dispensary owner and haven’t yet come to this realization, you will, and for one reason in particular:


Your marketing team (if you have one) needs time to build and manage assets and accounts. 

Here's a shortlist of essential cannabis marketing tasks:

  • Creating and publishing content to your website, blog, and social media accounts
  • Ideating and launching campaigns
  • Writing and sending email blasts, tracking results, segmenting lists, etc.
  • Implementing and managing SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Managing budgets and demonstrating ROI to key stakeholder
  • Designing print ads and collateral 
  • Reputation management
  • Establishing and managing vendor relationships  
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Think of it this way – while you might have the knowledge and skills to change your car’s oil, you probably don’t because you have better things to do. You need a specialized dispensary marketing agency to ease your burden and maximize budgets and time, so you can focus on brand building and outpacing competitors. You also need a dispensary marketing agency because many are experts in the field (ahem, us).

But finding the right dispensary marketing partner isn’t easy. It’s hard to separate rookies and fakes from the genuine article.

Here are a few tips to help you find the right dispensary marketing agency – an agency with the marketing skills, creativity, and resources to put your dispensary at the top.

Dispensary Marketing Tips

Start with a Google search.

Google is where consumers go to discover products and services and have their questions answered. And as a dispensary owner, you’re probably searching Google to find worthy partners. Skilled dispensary marketing agencies appear at the top of Google search results for queries like “best dispensary marketing agency,” “cannabis marketing agency,” or “the best cannabis marketing agencies.” If a cannabis marketing agency can’t put themselves on the first page of search results, chances are they won’t be able to do it for you. 

Find a dispensary marketing agency with proven experience.

Every agency starts at the bottom (we did). Still, do you want to put your shiny new dispensary in the hands of a start-up? We suggest you look for a dispensary marketing agency with at least a handful of notable brands as clients. Here’s another suggestion: evaluate their client’s websites. Read their blogs, dissect site copy, ponder the site’s design – it’ll give a sense of what they’ll do for you. 

Dissect their website.

Set aside an hour to evaluate your new partner’s website. And scrub the site’s copy, blogs, and design like you did their client’s. It’ll be an enlightening experience.


Poll your LinkedIn network.

We recently tried a brave tactic to grab a potential client’s attention. Their Marketing Director wasn’t initially sure how to react. Did he love our aggressive approach? Did he hate the tactic? He used his LinkedIn network’s brainpower to make a decision (FYI, they’re now our client). Why not take the same approach? Ask the professionals in your network for their opinion.

Here are a few questions you can ask:

  • Is your LinkedIn network familiar with the dispensary marketing agency? 
  • Does the agency have an excellent reputation? 
  • Are their methods sound? 

You’re the final word on the best dispensary marketing partner for you, but it can’t hurt to ask for others’ opinions. 

Meet their team.

Your relationship with a dispensary marketing agency shouldn’t be transactional – after all, it’s a mutually beneficial partnership. Set up a call with the entire team before making a decision. Because to work well together, you have to like each other.


Experience matters when it comes to cannabis marketing.

Don’t entrust your dispensary marketing to fly-by-night cannabis marketers or industry newcomers. Your brand deserves a specialized dispensary marketing team.

Get in touch;  let’s do great work together. 


“Hands, touching hands Reaching out, touching me, touching you…”